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Dr Oreste Theodoratos

Dr Oreste Theodoratos MBBS (Qld) FRANZCP Cert. Consul. Liaison Psych. is a specialist Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist and Fellow of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

This is a specialised private psychiatry practice delivering multidisciplinary care to people who have been admitted to hospital for medical treatment. As a Consultation-Liaison psychiatrist, Dr Theodoratos provides assessment and treatment support for patients admitted to a range of private hospitals in Brisbane.

Dr Oreste Theodoratos

What We Offer


This practice offers Telehealth consultations.

The latest secure, Australian technology is utilised.  Connections can be made via any smartphone, device or computer. Camera and microphone are required.

A test run prior to your appointment is available. An access link is available from within this website if you misplace your welcome email.

This is a secure process, however, we do recommend beginning your consultation in a suitable location free from distractions. Many GP practices can offer a dedicated room for telehealth if you do not have the technology at home. Please enquire with your GP if this may be required.


RACF Contact

The practice has experience with psychiatric care of older persons and can provide specialist telehealth consultations for residents of residential aged care facilities that are bulk-billed through Medicare. Please utilise the contact form for more information.

Not Offered


Australian Medical Association

Practice Information

A GP referral is required.  On occasion you may be referred by another treating specialist, however, an additional GP referral is recommended

This practice is a specialist telehealth practice. This allows access for rural and remote residents of Queensland and also access for RACF (nursing home) residents without the need to travel.

The latest secure, Australian technology is utilised. It is recommended that a reasonable internet speed is available to ensure adequate connectivity. Connections can be made via any smartphone, device or computer. Camera and microphone are required.

Telehealth is also available if you are unable to attend a face to face appointment due to COVID restrictions

All referrals are reviewed to ensure they are within the scope of this practice. Alternative referral options are suggested when possible if a referral cannot be accommodated.

Once a referral is accepted, an appointment will be scheduled and a registration form will require completion prior to the appointment.

These are accommodated as much as possible although referral to emergency care options may be required.

Urgent care requirements should be directed to your GP, local emergency department or call 000
This practice is unable to offer emergency or urgent care.

We endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to urgent appointment requests for current patients, however, this may not always be possible within a suitable timeframe and we will recommend the above urgent care requirements if necessary.

We do not charge cancellation fees, however, please let the practice know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment so that it can be offered to someone on the appointment waiting list.


Scripts must be requested at the time of consultation.  
In the event that you require a script outside of a consultation a phone appointment will be scheduled in our script clinic and this is bulk-billed for current patients.  Please note you must have attended an appointment within the last 4 weeks.

This is a private practice and all clinic consultations are associated with a fee. A medicare refund will be available in most circumstances. The Medicare Safety net allows for an increased refund amount once an individual or family’s total medical costs for the year reach a certain threshold. More information can be found here.

Rural and remote consultations are usually bulk-billed through medicare. These must be a video consultation. Please check your address here to determine if you are eligible for bulk billing. Select ASGS remoteness areas (2016). If your address is RA1 this is NOT eligible as it is a metropolitan area. RA2-RA5 locations ARE eligible.

DVA and Residential Aged Care Facility video consultations are bulk-billed.

Inpatient consultations are billed directly to your health fund as ‘no gap billing’

Please contact the practice if you have any further queries.

This practice does not offer medico-legal assessments.

This practice complies with current requirements.
We are not able to discuss your care with others without your authorisation.
In the event of serious concerns regarding your well-being or that of others it may be required to alert emergency services or nominated contacts.

All consultations are confidential and private except when significant psychiatric risks are identified and further urgent management is required which may involve contacting support persons or emergency services.

Phone Enquiries

07 3193 3381



0830-4.30pm M-Th

COVID-19 update (December 2021):

From 17th December 2021 our COVID-safe practice policies will align with Qld Health requirements and with additional measures to protect hospital inpatients.

Only fully vaccinated persons will be able to attend face to face consultations and only one support person (if required) can attend.  Confirmation of vaccination status is required before an appointment can be scheduled and a brief screening checklist is to be completed prior to each appointment.

At times of increased community transmission, masks may also be mandated and will have to be worn during consultations although you may wish to wear a mask as an increased measure of protection outside of any public health announcements.

Telehealth options are available to all.  Please contact the practice if you have any further queries.

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